I have always been creative and intensely interested in expressing myself through painting and drawing. All of us wear many hats and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Learning to be confident while wearing and balancing my many creative hats has taken me over a half of a century to refine.

My creative skill sets are far from any “textbook” definition. I am mostly self-taught and my path has been littered with learning disabilities as well as many physical challenges. However, because of my personal faith in God I never gave up. At sixty-something I am still walking the path of creative self discovery.

I began painting full time several years ago. I work predominately in watercolor plus some mixed media. My reference material comes from life, my imagination, and my original photographs. Currently, I devote my days to painting, journaling, and intercessory prayer. I keep two daily prayer journals; one that includes both writing and artwork, and another where I practice cursive writing with my non-dominant left hand.

Because I am a Christian I have dedicated my life’s work to the glory of God and I want to share the beauty that I see in God’s world through my artwork and writing. My Gallery pages represent a few of my self motivated projects as well as seven of the paintings from my book My Dance With God.

My Grow Prayers website is where I share how I create my Prayer Journals, encouraging prompts for you to create your own Prayer Journals, free coloring pages, and more. I am convinced that no matter who you are, how old you are, or what resources you possess, that with Prayer journaling you can discover your own unique, God-given creative ability while strengthening your relationship with God. With my Grow Prayers website I want to share this hope with you by encouraging you to discover who you are uniquely created to be in Christ.